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Turning your ideas

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Turning your ideas

into Enterprise Solutions

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About Pointed Logic

Pointed Logic Solutions provides software development and consulting services for businesses, goverment agencies, and research organizations whose complex problems demand custom solutions. Our team has been providing technical services to our MD/DC/VA based customers and partners since 2001. Our founding team got its start contracting with various government agencies through large contracting companies in the healthcare, bioinformatic, and security sectors. Officially organizing and re-branding as Pointed Logic Solutions LLC in 2008, our team of consultants provides full-stack development services, specializing in contemporary web technologies.


Pointed Logic uses industry proven technical components and strategies in all our custom solutions. By choosing to follow best practices, and utilize open source solutions over proprietary components, Pointed Logic is able to leverage technologies which are mature, contemporary, and widely supported by a large community of developers.


Pointed Logic consultants are proficient on all tiers of web application development. This full-stack skill set includes domain modeling, backend coding, middleware, and user interface design. Our consultants can design and develop on all tiers, allowing us to compliment any existing team, or take a project from inception to delivery entirely on our own.


Pointed Logic consistently delivers sound technical solutions, that exceeds expectations. Our consultants have worked on projects of varying scope ranging from applications with less than 5 end-users, to projects supporting over 400K end-users. We have strived for clear and open communication through the entire process, to ensure that no detail is missed.

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Pointed Logic specializes in customized software solutions for the web. We utilize industry standard processes and technology stacks to ensure a custom fit solution from inception to delivery. Our team offers technical development services, UX Design and Development services, as well as consulting and technical project management support.
User Experience (UX) Services:


Our team can help to integrate proven UX practices into your existing methodology, including creation of a Design System and Style Guide for your program. Adding these crucial practices to your SDLC will help establish or enhance your UX posture. Our team utilizes a mixture of development and design skills to fit seamlessly into any development team.

UX: User Research

Following a User Centered Design Approach, our team can assist in performing various user research activities to eliminate costly assumptions and replace them with validated design recommendations. Research topics may include Field Studies, Working Groups, Surveys, Analytics, and Journey Mapping Exercises.

UX: Design

Iterative Design begins with input from various user research activities, and progresses through User Flow Diagramming, Lo-Fidelity Wireframing, and Hi-Fidelity Prototyping. At each stage, user feedback is received and incorporated into the design artifacts and usability testing can be performed throughout the process, ensuring that UX is not an afterthought.

Development Services:


Does your legacy system exist only as a set of spreadsheets or other standalone systems, that are not web enabled? These systems have no central database, no common interface, and are not scalable. Updating and synchronizing data issues are a constant struggle. We can help you design a system with enterprise components, that will allow data to be centralized, and accessed with only a web browser.


Is your system online already, but in need of a refresh? We can update your technical stack to use modern components that will scale better as your project grows, and will cost less to maintain. Our team can update your middleware to allow your services to be available to a variety of platforms. We can re-design your user interfaces to be responsive and mobile friendly.


Do you have large amounts of data and need to leverage the Cloud for computing or analysis? Do you wish to be able to scale quickly, but in an affordable manner? Our consultants have extensive experience with Amazon AWS for computing on large data sets, for powering custom services, and hosting web applications.


Do you have accessibility requirements for your project? We can help make your web application 508 compliant, and add internationalization capabilities.


Reducing dependency on paper will improve the efficiency and accuracy for your project. We can design an application for you that will eliminate this burden.


Do you wish to allow others to consume portions of your project? We can assist in creating an API for your middleware that will allow other parties to consume and extend your business.

Technical Capabilities:
Java JSP UX Javascript HTML Angular Vue JQuery Bootstrap Balsamiq CSS AJAX Groovy Grails Agile Eclipse PHP REST AWS VS Code Lodash Struts JSF Spring Hibernate JPA XML Oracle SQL EJB3 Bioinformatics WebLogic JBoss Tomcat Web Services Web 2.0 JEE JUnit 508 Ruby SOA Mongo Scrum Ant Maven Junit Selenium Gradle NPM/Node

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